How do I spin a tool?

I am trying to make a pistol, but I want the reload animation to spin the pistol. I have tried using tweenservice to change the grip of the tool, but that did not work. I have tried a Motor6d, but that also did not work. Is there a way to spin a tool?


You can animate tools. All you have to do is rig it up, then animate it in the Roblox animation plugin.


As @CottonCandyInc said you can actually animate and rig models. Using Roblox’s animation editor plug, you can begin animating an NPC however you want. You can also rig and animate models using this plugin as well, here is a great guide on that! In your case, you would most likely rig up your gun model and then load the rig into the animation plugin. You can then customize how you want the gun to spin/reload and then export the animation to Roblox. You can then load the animation in your gun script and play the animation every time the Player reloads. Those two links will help you a lot, you can also use a few youtube videos. Alvinblox made a great video on using the animation tool(Although is a year old, I still find it knowledgable)