How do I stop the day cycle on ROBLOX studio

When I am using ROBLOX Studio to make my UI the day cycle is making it dark so I can not see the GUI fully.

Sometimes it is dark

And other times is it bright.

Any ideas on how to stop this? I hope I have explained this good but this is my first post :slight_smile:


If you are in play or run mode, you probably have a script somewhere that’s changing the time of day, however if you are in edit mode, you might have a plugin that’s doing this? but it’s very unlikely that a plugin would be doing this, just look for any script that’s changing the time possibly in Server Script Service or Starter Player or Starter Gui or Starter Pack etc.

There is no feature or built in way to change the time, only scripts or the properties window can change the time.


Hey. There was a plug-in that was causing this. Thanks for the help.