How do I stop the server from kicking players trying to join

For some reason my game’s server kept on kicking players as soon as they join. The message states “Kicked By Server. Please rejoin another game”. This problem just started happening in the last month or two. Is there some fault in my coding or settings that is causing this? How do I stop this? About half of my players are experiencing this issue and as a result my game visit is down by 70%


That… is a lot more than 60%.
Calculating with the two most recent visit data entries, I’ve got it to be down by ~98.5%.

I’d recommend you use debugging techniques to see when the issue stops. Does disabling AntiHackScript fix the issue? How about PlayerSetup? Ooh, it is PlayerSetup. Is it the PlayerAdded callback? etc. etc.

Can you replicate this issue easily enough to test it like above? Can you replicate it in a local server test?


The last data set only includes the two days of June, not the full month, it is projected to be around 6000

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Ah, alright, heh. Context left me. Only like a 33% decrease then – but still notable.

This issue occurs sometimes for me. I haven’t encountered it for a whole week. However, once it happens, it keeps on happening no matter how many times I rejoin

Have you tried completely shutting down the server when it keeps occurring?

What might be happening is that every server has a low chance of encountering the issue, and then if you rejoin instantly the server won’t have time to close (therefore putting you back into it).

Quite often I am the only one in the server, so every time I rejoin it is a new server. I personally don’t encounter it too much, but there are loads of people who experience this daily. There is a higher occurrence for mobile users. Forgot to mention, I was first complained about this issue in April

If you rejoin instantly (i.e. click the play button while in-game) Roblox should usually put you right back into the same server if there is already an empty one open (and there are no other servers available).
Even if doesn’t do it every time, there’s still a chance it would, so you want to manually shut down all servers before you test just to make sure.

If it started in April, it makes sense that your game went from 28k to 8k visits during that month. You should also edit your original post for clarity.

Either way, try out those debugging techniques I mentioned. If it is still an issue, make a bug report – but since big devs aren’t complaining about it already, chances are it is something on your end.

I don’t have PlayerSetup related scripts, but I do have an admin script in my game. I’ll disable it and see what happens.

It was just an example; when in doubt, try everything :stuck_out_tongue:

According to my knowledge could be part of a malfunction of a script or you probably have a virus script so I recommend you review very well the scripts you do, you get etc i am sure that is not an action or roblox or of the same server, is very possible that it can be from a script.

if you ended and you solved the problem please click that approval or “solved” button to don’t get confused and dont get more people to help you to solve the problem.

Now the message seems to be different

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What code should I look for if I am using the Ctrl+Shift+F function?

Borderline critical "Kicked by server" connection issues Apparently, I am not the only one.

i see, but i guess you have to search for administrative ones but i recommend you to check all codes Kevinllululala check the ones that you got for other people or check the admin commands only if you had one.

I checked the admin commands and I found a setting that kicks players who take too long to join. That could be the culprit, but I am not sure.


then check it good and try to fix it but i guess is from that script, i look the other people having these errors and i think it’s from admin commands

also try to get more help this is only a idea to help you is with my computer knowledge

if the other games have admin commands similar to yours then I think that the error comes from there, I do not think it’s something like a hacker or a roblox error, it would be impossible informatically.

I tried removing the admin. The same problem still persists. I used Ctrl+Shift+F function and found nothing.

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I am now almost certain that this is a roblox bug. Someone with high dev forum status please make a bug post about this. THIS IS URGENT because it is eating up 70% of my game traffic!