How do I stop the server from kicking players trying to join

Try to find out the cause of the bug first, right now you only have a symptom. Upload your game to a separate place and start pulling out things until it works again, then start putting things back in one by one until you figure out what exact component is causing the issue.

Once you are done with that, and you are still certain it is not a bug in your code, refer to rule 15.1 of the developer forum rules on how to file a bug as new member:


Wouldn’t this technically be [ROBLOXCRITICAL] as it happens in other games as well

Please review the criteria for ROBLOXCRITICAL here:

try to pass some images if dont then try to show some scripts that you have. as i say check very good Some scripts, virus are hidden in these. and i am sure this is from a script

This wasn’t happening before and it’s impossible informatically talking

If it’s a ROBLOX bug then we are drastically dead in L.U.A language and i mean that ROBLOX need to fix so many Bugs right now because it could be a total possible threat to Development Community
and i think that it can’t be called a bug i will call it a Total Threat Bug = TTB.
I still think that it can be some virus script because i dont believe that roblox bugs can do that informatically.


  • Show some images and scripts

  • Check very good the scripts

  • Download a plugin of antivirus and put it on (i recommend this because when i was creating my rake game one of my scripts had a virus that kick a player after someone comes) it can very possible solve your problem

Anti virus plugin can be a very possible (SOLUTION).

I highly doubt it is a virus when games like Jailbreak and many others have it. I am not sure why you keep insisting that this is some coding error when the evidences suggest that it isn’t. The only codes I had that contained kick was the admin; which I deleted it and that did nothing…


This is a serious issue reported numerous times in many Roblox games, including mine. I’m sure it’s caused on Roblox’s end, not by the developers. For me personally, this has been happening for certain players since October 2017.

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I keep insisting because it’s very impossible to be a computer error .As again try to download a Anti virus plugin is a good solution, this happened to me one time and it got fixed by a free plugin.
If you dont read my replies you will not fix this problem. as i repeat Download a plugin or send some screenshots of your own scripts.
I am sure that it will work with a plugin if it dont work then try to do it with a most buyed and famous one. I’m telling you because everyone here is a developer-level computer and I’m from another level and I know very well what can fail in the functional line codes

And if it’s from 2017 then it’s a virus that is hidden somewhere in the Studio Program. principally in your game

Assuming this isn’t related to the ongoing roblox disconnect bug, one other thing I’d suggest searching for is ‘require’. If someone has managed to insert malicious code into your game, they will normally add one line of code somewhere hidden which requires a module from the site which contains code to give them admin, kick people etc.

I’m just going to be really frank: you should completely remove the “Epix Incorporated Server Suite” from your game. It contains so many security vulnerabilities that you should be surprised you have any players at all.


What everyone seems to be missing is there’s no way to get that error message from a script. Every kick message from a script looks like this (with a different reason):


There’s no way to get the error message provided in the OP from a script. It’s a Roblox issue.

That is what I did, and the problem still persists. I will try looking into the “require” phrase

I think you refer to using the ‘Kick’ method of a player though. It seems not entirely unlikely malicious or faulty code could cause the server to do this without invoking any direct and/or intended crash/kick. If the client disconnected, perhaps excessive latency of any kind could cause such a kick to happen, and that’s something a script could be capable of.


I also tried removing everything that contains the “require” phrase. The problem still persists.

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I installed 2 anti virus plugins. No viruses found…I told you it was a roblox bug, I just don’t understand why you can’t seem to accept that. Many of those developers who complained about this bug are one of the best on the platform. Their games aren’t going to have viruses especially when they have a team to look after it.

Well try to do the 0xBAADF00D’s idea

I’m just going to be really frank: you should completely remove the “Epix Incorporated Server Suite” from your game. It contains so many security vulnerabilities that you should be surprised you have any players at all.

Because if it’s a roblox issue we really need to update the development programs we had many errors in weeks and years and we fixed every one of them but we are still having errors

i was keeping insisting because Because I did not know that a famous system programming with lua and other programs could be so vulnerable to bugs
Python have only few bugs like C++
well i am still loving LUA computer Language, let’s just keep updating and moving.

I already tried removing it a few days ago, it didn’t work.

Could you go screenshot all parts of your studio?, to think how to fix it and try to discover where comes the problem.

I agree with 0xBAADF00D

Having a free model admin script has many problems, some of these being;

  1. You don’t know who’s secretly got access
  2. The events in EISS/Adonis are very vulnerable
  3. EISS/Adonis have been designed to be unreadable, so that sounds really fishy

I recomend making your own admin script designed for the game, I could even help on that :grinning:

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oh sorry i thought u was kevin because your photo is similar

I am already planning on replacing EISS. Any recommendations? Coding my own takes too much time.