How do I unverify my Roblox account?

I have grown as a roblox developer from a few years back and I’m old enough to be able to DevEx, I have my funds and everything, however, this account was under my parent’s supervised verification. How do I unverify my account and verify it to myself so I can finally use DevEx?

(And by verification, I mean Facial ID)

If not possible, I would lose like 3000 robux which is why I ask because I would have to place funds on a new account and verify myself there.

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I’m going to assume your parents can’t or won’t help you, right?

Well, they are helping me because I am making money but they can’t do nothing because the button is greyed out and roblox won’t tell me how.

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Not sure how you’d unverify your roblox account.

But the robux part you could just make a new account and transfer the robux from your old account to the new one via group funds / item purchase, as that is what I would do considering roblox’s support which probably can’t do anything anyway…

i made a post asking the same thing because i did the same thing and apparently you cannot get unverified ive tried like 5 times

and if you want to see the post here it is

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