How do I Update my [Bubble Chat]?

Roblox moderation has banned my game twice now with insistence now that I Update my default roblox bubble chat.

They have provided 0 mention of how to do this, naturally, and I suspect this “Bradyn” fella is actually either a bot or too incompetent to know what he’s trying to imply - but, on the off chance this person isn’t actually absolutely insane, I’d love to know how to do this.

Can anyone confirm if there is literally even a way to update bubble chat? Oh, sorry, [bubble chat]?

More information available here:


There is, it’s under StarterPlayerScripts, somewhere there’s a Bubble Chat configuration script.

More information here: Bubble Chat

This is simply not the case. This would be a script loaded in by roblox itself when the player loads in.

Unless it’s hidden. But it’s unreasonable to tell me to update something hidden.

Are you trying to configure it? Or disable it?

I am trying to “”""""""""""""""""“Update it”""""""""""""""""" in a way which makes it comply with whatever inane reasoning my game was suspended for, twice, as shown in the initial screenshot.

It is default chat.

You’re better off to just disable it.

The message says you’re game got removed for not using the filter, meaning anybody can swear in it. Read the article I sent it should explain how to configure it.

The default bubble chat literally uses filter. Just not the <13 filter.

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Read here, or the one I sent above: Chat Privacy Settings

You can configure it at chat service, below sound service. Its the property called bubblechatenabled ( to enable/disable it)

You can’t detect their age. They are probably trying to insist that you should configure the new bubble chat system (explorer > chat > bubblechatenabled), and make it look like your old one.

PolicyService exists. While its not accurate, its the best one we have.

Exactly. Roblox probably wants the most accurate. (eg. their own chat system)

If you’re trying to imply default bubble chat has and always has had swearing enabled/filtering disabled then you’re just being looney. I’ve read through that article, there is not a single point where it’s like “OK AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART… ENABLE THE FILTER!!”

Please stop talking out of your rear. Seriously. This many replies and you’re striking out every time.
You can even ctrl+F search “Filter” and realize there is no mention of it on that Chat page!

This is DEFAULT BUBBLE CHAT, let me remind you again.


I think I know the problem.

Roblox’s own system is broken.

I’m not implying that, you’re jumping to conclusions. I was simply saying a filter setting could have been accidentally changed.

Yeah people have been talking about it being completely broken for some time now. But ROBLOX surely knows of this by now right? How could they keep banning people because of it?

Default means Default. Sorry if you thought I was exaggerating.

Then why can I say it in our own game?


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I fail to see how I’m jumping to conclusions when you’re the one who read default roblox bubble chat in the initial thread, bolded and everything to express just how default it is, and immediately came to the conclusion that I somehow disabled filtering on my chat.