How do I upload a 3D model with its texture?

I don’t know how to upload the texture to studio.


In the properties panel theres a “texture id”
upload your texture to roblox, copy the id and paste it into there


That’s the thing, I don’t know how to upload the texture to roblox.

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The texture isn’t colored

What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried coloring the texture?

If you made it with blender, then colour it with texture paint or vertex paint and while in that mode, export it as fbx.

Well I colored it with materials but I thought when you open UV editing the material colors will show up.

In the thread I sent you, I said:

The problem is that you used materials and not textures for your mesh.
If you want those materials to import to Roblox; you will have to separate each part; export each as an OBJ individually and colour each one in Studio.

Your best choice is to export each different colour as a different mesh file, then colour those in Studio. Materials are not the same as textures, so they don’t show up in the UV Map.

Hi there!

It’s actually really simple, and i have a great tutorial showing it here :slight_smile:

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Well there’s no way I’m going to upload each part separately, I guess I’ll just use textures instead of materials. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks, this video helped me understand

Go to then go to decal and upload it


Sorry for not being clear, I meant that I didn’t know how to get the texture image in the first place. Turns out that I was using materials and not textures so I’ll just have to recolor it with textures this time. Thanks for trying to help

It’s not that bad; trust me. I do it for every model I have, but if you have 9 different parts like I might, use the Asset Manager.