How Do PPL Get Data From A Json Code

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I Just Learn In A Few Days Abot HTTPService, And I Wonder How Do PPl Get Data By A Json Table I Know You Gotta Do GetAsync(url) And JsonDecode And This Stuff, But I’m Talking About PPL That Make PLS Donate Or PLS Donate Theme They Use A Web Or App Called RoProxy It Has Some Sort Of APIs For Roblox(That What I Know)
How Do Roblox Devs Gets Player Data Using Just A Json table?
I Want Some That Already Work With HTTPService And Roproxy

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You can print the decoded JSON information and it will give you a table. This table would have your gamepass info, etc.

As you stated, you wanted a gamepass system similar to PLS DONATE. I believe there are already resources that have code for this. Look on YouTube, or search the DevForum.

Also, please make your post more readable by Not Having Every Word Start With A Capital Letter.

Yeah I Know But How Do They Get It When I Go To The Link I Just Find An Empty Table Like Has Asset = {“”}

HttpService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

refer to roblox’s documentation for examples and tutorials on how to use HttpService and JSONEncode + Decode functions

THX For The Information, But I Wanna How Do Roblox Dev Information Using Json Code Like Getting Players Asset Or T-shirt Whatever The Json Table In asset Is Empty Anf From No Where The Dev Some Kinda Of Code And Gets The Player Asset, And I Saw Devs Using An App Or Web Called Roproxy: You Can Read It If You Want, And Thx For The Information