How do WorldModels work?

Hi, with the release of WorldModels, I’ve been wondering how to make them work but I have no clue. I’ve looked around to try and find information but I can’t find anything so I’ve came here to ask. Here’s a few of some generic things I’d like to try and get working inside of a ViewportFrame.

Physics: Simply just anchored parts, like a ball so it rolls around
NPC’s and Players: Walking and animations, the same way it does in Workspace
Moving parts using their CFrame

I know how to do all these things normally but I’m not sure when it comes to a WorldModel inside of a ViewportFrame.


I’m having the same problem, having a hard time trying to find any documentation on it.

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That’s why I came here, hopefully it can provide answers for everyone.


Maybe try inserting them into a ViewportFrame, then put any parts inside the WorldModels?

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I’ve already tried and nothing happens.

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If you read the announcement thread, they explain what the new WorldModel does.
It (to my knowledge) does not give you physics behavior inside of ViewportFrames, but allows you to raycast and animate humanoids.


Were you able to get the players’ walking animations to work?