How do you animate multiple rigs and load them in-game?

How do I animate multiple rigs and load them in game?
I know you can animate multiple rigs using Moon Animator, but my problem is more on HOW to actually load that animation in game. Is this possible? Or do I have to resort to animating both rigs separately and load them at the same time?


Yea, each rig will have its own animation. When exporting from Moon with multiple rigs, moon will shoot out multiple animation files that you will need to export separately. Each of them corresponds to one of the rigs. You would then need to insert all the rigs in the game (placed in the appropriate places), load all animations, then play all the animations. There should be no noticeable delay if you do it through that order.

There isn’t really an easier way to do this (unless someone can enlighten me) but I have been doing this way for a while for our in-game cutscenes and it has been working quite flawlessly for now.


ah, okay, i didnt know Moon did that. thank you!!