How do you do ui design/become a Illustrator on mobile?

ok, I do gfx and I want something to do when I’m not working on gfx’s I want to know how I can become an illustrator and make Roblox guis on mobile I thought it was impossible until I saw this post-Muichiruu | Illustrator does anybody know how?


I’ll assume you are using an iPad.

You can try Procreate, which is what I use, but it is paid, I have also written a simple tutorial on the basics here Sorry for self-promo, I thought it would help! For UI, you can also try Vectornator, which is free or Affinity Designer, which is paid but its a lot better than Vectornator for UI and Vector art.

If you are looking for a software similar to Procreate but not paid, I can recommend a few.

  1. Ibis Paint X >

  2. Medibang Paint for iPad >

  3. Autodesk Sketchbook for iPad >

Out of the three, I would recommend Autodesk Sketchbook the most. It used to be paid, but now its free! Great and friendly for beginners.


i mean like how do you do the uis exactly like Vector art and i see you can do a ui thing but how do you design them?

For my UI i don’t use mobile, but the apps I recommended, you can use them to do UI as well

what do you use for ui’s?

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I use Adobe Illustrator for UI. Not for mobile though

oh ok, I thought you could make us on mobile:/

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You can. Like I said before, Vectornator and Affinity Designer can do that.

Oh ok so do you have like a tutorial for that? i want to make them on mobile when im not with my computer like on a trip or something.

IbisPaintX is really what I use and it’s very helpful! I would suggest it.