How do you go about making a map of your game?

Hi there,

I have a fairly large game that I need to make a map of. How should I go about actually cartographizing my map? I’ve done things like script my camera to a top down view and screenshot it, but it doesn’t give me results that I’m happy with.

And to clear up some confusion with this, I mean a navigational map that you would look at to see different locations around you. I am NOT referring to map in the sense of the physical parts of a game.

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Used to follow this before I established my own rhythm of designing, there’s a second tutorial too:


I appreciate the help, but that’s not what I asked for. I want to get a navigational chart (using a synonym here to avoid confusion) so that player on my game know where they are.

Oh, you were talking about that map. If I reckon correctly, someone made a post about minimap creations, there we have the following options:

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Thanks! I had been using that first plugin a while ago, but lost it and couldn’t find it, glad to be using it again.