How do you make a mini map that shows Roblox studio terrain?

Hey Developers!
So I’ll admit I’m not great at scripting, I know the fundamentals (like if statements, variables, loops, functions, etc…) But I’m not good at it. So I am creating this roleplay game and I want a gui that shows a mini map with a arrow showing were you are on a map. I know how to script it by showing parts, but I don’t know how to do it so it shows real Roblox studio terrain?
Could someone explains how it works?

And I’ve never seen a tutorial on YouTube about this…

A minimap is quite an advanced thing to create as it’s going to require you to raycast from the sky in direction of the floor. You could create one by using an ImageLabel but if you want accuracy, you’d have to use raycasting every x studs from the sky.

You can try this open-sourced one:

Thanks so much! Help appreciated!