How do you make a sky dome?

Hello everyone! I’m currently making a really big project! I’m making a car game and there’s something that holds me back on making this project. Take a look at this picture:

I’m using a skybox made by alexutzu2001 so the GT86 in this picture has a really nice reflection. The thing is I do not want that skybox to be shown in the game. I want to hide it using a sky dome. How do you possibly make this sky dome? I’ve seen videos on how to make it in 3DS Max. So thing is I want a sky dome that is using this plain sky: Plain Sky - Roblox

Any help is really appreciated and helps a lot with the game I’m making right now. Cheers!


I can’t test it right now but try importing a simple inwards facing sphere mesh, then either drag the decal on as you would with any regular part or actually fiddle around with it as a texture in your 3d software of choice if you want to be more precise. Might work for ya (hopefully) And of course don’t be afraid to just grab one out of the toolbox and tweak it to your liking


I’ll make the sky dome in 3ds max later. I’ll wait 3 days max for other replies. Thanks for your help :smiley:

Ironically somewhat, @XAXA created an inverted sphere that is split up into different sides similar to a normal casual skybox for skies in viewportframes. You can change the decals/textures to whatever other sky you want just by getting the ids from the skybox you want by going into properties.

If you want it to act more similar to a normal skybox, you can attach the skybox to the camera or something similar as to make it not look like it’s moving.


Another note:
This can be paired with: 3DSkybox - A way to create more immersive skyboxes for your game
to solve the solution of the skybox looking like its moving while also making it significantly large. – what it “could look like” (though after some time you do get near it enough but thats if you allowed the death limit for falling to be super large…)


Thanks for linking my 3DSkybox,

This was actually something I had experimented with a while ago to simulate cube-map reflections, in fact, I made a mock-up model. The basic premise of this is that you put the reflection skybox (cube-map) as an actual skybox object within game.Lighting, and then to change the visual skybox, just modify the decals within the modified 3DSkybox object - which is then placed within a player’s Gui (game.StarterGui) - just ensure that the mesh-part is located at 0,0,0 and has an orientation of 0,90,0.

The way it works is by using a modified version of my 3D Skybox, so that the fake camera only rotates around rather than moving relative to the real camera. I then use a cube mesh part that emulates how a skybox instance works.

The current model I made is not finished (the bottom UV map for the mesh part is a bit wonky), but it should give an idea of how to achieve the effect.

FakeSkybox.rbxm (10.4 KB)


Might try that one out thank you!

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How do I get this fake skybox working?

Oh, I forgot to read the part where it says it isn’t finished yet. I’m going to wait for more replies.

I tried that but some of the parts are dark and some of them are brighter which is unrealistic.

You just need to place the FakeSkybox billboard Gui within game.StarterGui, make sure that the part within the ViewportFrame position is set to 0,0,0 and then you can replace the decal textures with the corresponding skybox texture.

alrighty. I’ll give it a try soon!

i tried it today. doesn’t work :confused:

Here’s a quick video on how to use it.

By default, the fake skybox uses the default skybox texture, so if you have a different sky within the lighting, you should be able to see the difference.

And then if you want to change the textures within the fake skybox, you can change the decal textures.


Guess what? It works! Thank you so much dude!

Oh yeah forgot to say that if it’s nigh time the fake skybox won’t go dark. How do I fix this?

Found the solution for this.
The BillboardGUI takes the color of the fog I don’t know why, so you only have to set the Fog Color to black, you can also set the FogStart to a math.huge or just a big number, it works as well.

never thought of that thanks alot man

how do you set the skybox up…?

the fake skybox linked here is a good idea and i like it as an experimental feature, but practically it does not work. i have transparent parts in the ocean of my game and you can see the real skybox, not the fake one, reflected in them. additionally, transparent glass parts ignore the fake skybox and let you see the real skybox as well. this is probably due to the fake skybox being a meshpart.

Yup, I would suggest to not use it anymore. This is because it relies on a BillboardGui that is placed a large distance in-front of the camera, however this results in a number of issues, such as incompatibility with atmospheres along with being unable to view it through transparent glass (like you mentioned).

At this point, it would probably be best to wait until a proper Roblox skybox overhaul is worked on.