How do you make your own sun rays?


Hiya, how do you make sunrays like this? Is this achieved by parts or lightbeams? It would be a huge help if you could help me! :slight_smile:


The Solution Is A Plugin

Volumetric lighting plugin should be the solution to create those rays:

Feel free to test around! I haven’t even tested it yet! OOF!

It appears that there are dust particles, I suggest testing ParticleEmitters for similar effect.


Or you could just add SunRaysEffect to lighting… as far as the particles you can probably look into Particle Emitters as Operatik stated.

If you were already aware of SunRaysEffect and don’t want to use them. Feel free to disregard this post.

Edit: I included SunRaysEffect with Phase II of the Future is Bright in mind. Not the current Phase.


SunRaysEffect in Phase 2 of FiB don’t create light shafts.


It includes that real time shadows from the sun. So I mean there could be some hope there. :slight_smile:

I do know Phase III is supposed to have the volumetric fog and such. And that’s where I believe it’ll all come into play.

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Actually, I was wrong. They do create light shafts in certain angles.

EDIT: or not… It was just the sun. They don’t create the kind of light shafts that you’d want in OP. The light shafts that op wants are in the following post, but it involves a hack that doesn’t work anymore on the latest build of FiB:



Looks like the picture you showed uses parts to achieve the sun rays. You can kinda see parts in another one with a different transparency


Yeah, I was thinking the same. Cheers I guess it looks realistic too because they added particles on there.


Yep, that’s correct. What I did in that picture doesn’t work anymore. :frowning: (Unless you use FIB v15 but that’s very outdated and crashes a lot)

This trick will likely work again in the future, however I do not reccomend using this once full FIB comes out because it is VERY performance intensive even on my GTX 1060 and 8 core CPU. (I get under 30 fps). So it will never be feasible.

For those of you who want to know how I did this trick (includes a TL;DR at bottom)


The way I did it is somewhat difficult to explain, but I will try my best.

Imagine a large billboard gui frame, that has a set size at 100 studs long and 100 studs tall. By set size I mean that it doesn’t expand when you get further away from it.

I then set light influence to 1 and transparency to 0.994 or something like that. Then, I cloned the billboard and spaced it half a stud infront of the previous billboard, and repeated the process.

For those of you who do not know, Future Is Bright is Roblox’s new lighting engine project, and they release preview builds on a test version of studio.

In FIB studio, there is a mode called Future/Shadowmap, which basically traces really nice shadows and adds a lot of other cool lighting effects. In other words, this does not work in current versions of Roblox. Also, V16 of FIB broke light influence so this nolonger works even in FIB.

Anyway, so like I said this is difficult to explain but basically if you look at a light through this array of billboards, it will create a fake volumetric lighting effect due to the fact that you are giving light a place to reflect off of in what appears to be empty space, when in reality it’s just an almost entirely transparent frame.

If you want to visualize this even better, imagine casting a shadow puppet onto your wall. Now imagine that your wall is invisible and all you can see is the shadow. That's how this trick works.

(Only difference is that this trick uses multiple layers of "walls" to make a 3D shadow or spot light. Only one layer would create a 2D effect)

That’s not done using the sun rays effect because the window isn’t transparent and it’s just a neon part. I am very familiar with the sun Ray effect.