I made player feel less like a plastic toy

It looks very cool! I suggest reducing the camera “cooldown” a bit, sometimes the character is about to get off the screen.
Also something that can make it more realistic is changing the gravity of the Workspace and instead of using JumpPower use JumpHeight to have more control of the height you can jump.
I recommend setting the gravity to around 80 and the jump height to 2 if you don’t want it to jump a lot :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

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Feels nice, but generally speaking, the camera should follow closely to the character’s movement. It is a bit disorienting currently.


It was all a night at the bar…

Cool project! :+1:

…always has been…


It feels like one of those dreams where you try to run but the air is made of honey, looks cool tho

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That is very specific :thinking:. Thanks!

That is a cool screenshot. Thankyou


Yes I am aware. The person sometimes gets out of the view. However it gets back to normal once you stop moving. Since I am going to implement forced shift lock anyway, it will be okay I guess.

Wait you can change jump height? I thought it only changes according to the jump power. Thanks

Thx for your feedback. There is a variable for it and it can be easily changed, though I kinda like this more as of now.

The jumping still feels kinda plastic.

Yes. I’ll make my own animations and change some values in game settings

Camera shakes wayyy to much for this to be realistic at all. The camera moves like he’s running, but he’s walking? Other than that this seems fine. Better jump settings would make this better as well, and maybe realistic walk sounds? To me, it still feels quite plastic but nonetheless, good effort.

Cool, would be nice if it had Inverse Kinematics although that is hard to program.

the camera bobbing is a little too fast


Very cool i think you might want to blend the movement blur a bit more, like maybe tween it and and out, or something? just seems a bit extreme… maybe jsut turn max blur down?
I think you did very well, in making the player move more realisticlly, except for the jumping which now looks really bad in comparison… Anyway Great work keep it up!

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Detroit Not Human! I don’t get cyberpunk feeling other than the one building but really cool!
Ok I think you issue, shouldn’t be giving a player look less cartoony instead you can change the environment to make seem more immersive. For example you can try implementing god rays? and also if you haven’t already use the “Future” lighting environment along with some motion blur can just enhance the immersion.

Here is something to go off of.
If you want better animations scrap roblox animations completely and have a look at R15 IK (FABRIK)
This really just makes your game more lively…

This currently has issues so you gonna have to learn or copy bits of the code and make your own
If you are still not satisfied about how the character looks cartoony you could create a custom rig using blender to make a new rig which should be powered by your imagination

Good Luck :smiley:


Thanks for the response. I agree that environment makes a game more lively. I will look into IKPF, thanks.

No prob!
As @PotatoVampire7797 stated the jump looks a little meh in comparison to the current system, if you want to get a more detriot not human feel, then I advise you remove jumping completely and add ledge climbing.

I would love to explain how you can achieve this but this isn’t a #help-and-feedback:scripting-support post so I won’t go further than that.

You can’t make the character feel less plastic if you keep the horrible default walking sounds. it ruins the whole experience.

Try to change the walking sound effects and you’ll be stunned on how much difference it will make

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Really well made!

Just one thing I would change - When the player is moving to the left or right, you could have the camera rotate a little bit toward the player. The reason I recommend that you do this is because it almost feels like the player is about to walk off the screen and leave the camera behind.

Aside from that, it feels very clean and well made. You definitely accomplished what you were trying to do.