How do you rig a part?

I asked how to animate a part, got this:

Same way you animate an NPC, just with an AnimationController instead of a Humanoid
It has a HumanoidRootPart and it’s rigged with Motor6Ds between all the parts

How do I rig parts with Motor6Ds?

Short Answer

Plugins are your best friend when it comes to easier rigging with Motor6Ds. Otherwise, you have more advanced methods using Blender.

One such example of plugin is:


For character animations w/ rigging, here is a step by step tutorial:

Character Rig Tutorial

Blender rigging and animations are more precise, considering that you can use the local and global axis for rotations. Also, with this tutorial, it is quite easy to follow along and make your own imported / exported animations.

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If you wanted to rig a part with Motor6Ds, I would recommend the Character Creator plugin.

If you were to use this, you should create a model with the parts you want, and connect them together by using the Bind tool. Now, you can use the Edit tool to change where the joints C0 and C1 are located, which changes how rotating or moving it looks. If you want to remove a Motor6D, you are able to use the Release tool, which removes a joint. When done, you can press the Finish tool. Now, if you rigged anything, you should see them being connected together with Motor6Ds.

Now, if you wanted to animate it, you would either need to have a Humanoid or AnimationController. You also need to have the main part have a name of HumanoidRootPart so that the animation editor actually works.

Hopefully this helped!

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@OsterDog @Nuclear_Energy @Operatik Thanks so much for your help.