How do you use terrain to build a decent town map? (Medieval town)

The title pretty much explains it all but I want to improve my town map by making a good terrain but im really struggling to make something actually decent, im new so im very unexperienced. Please tell me how to use this to make a town map if you can!

Thank you.

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Do you have any screenshots of what you have so far? Do you have any specific questions? Right now, all we know is that:

  1. You need help on terrain
  2. You want to make a “town map”

Are there some parts of the terrain editor in particular that confuse you? I don’t know what you’re asking for.

Yeah I get that I explained it really badly, I am creating a town map I have already made a post on cool creations featuring it so I will link, but I feel the map is very unrealistic and far too flat. I really want to change that and make it better. Using terrain just feels really awkward tbh.

Have you tried using the terrain editor? What’s awkward about it? What do you mean by awkward? Can you be more specific? What aspect of the terrain editor in particular are you having problems with?

If you’re not confident enough, you can just use the “generate” tool to auto-generate some terrain. Or read the official article by Roblox on how to make smoother terrain.

All I know is that terrain feels weird for you. What does that mean??

I have tried it but I am finding massive difficulty with it, its hard to explain but im trying to make a slightly rougher map but I just cant manage to do it. Making detailed terrain with it is just really frustrating, I don’t know how to explain though. I guess its just me being stupid, it probably is easy to use.

Can you at least provide screenshots? I can’t help you if all you’re doing is complaining that it’s difficult. This is like going to a math study session and then telling the teacher that “you can’t do math.” And when they ask you what in particular, you just say “I can’t do math.”

If this really bothers you, again, use the generate tool, it requires almost no knowledge of how to use the terrain editor. Enter a size, height, location, what biomes you want, whether or not you want caves, etc.

This is like playing Minecraft. You’re creating a whole new world. You don’t even need to know how to build anything, just make a world.

If you can’t even use the generate tool, then ask your friends to help you in team create. If you don’t have any friends who will willingly help you, then hire someone.

You’re not stupid. Nobody is stupid.

Terrain takes time to learn. Anything takes time to learn. Generate does not take time to learn. Use that.

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You should get a idea of what the town map should look like. For example, I want a cartoon-ish town so I would make low poly terrain. The same thing can be apply here.

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:man_shrugging: Maybe a tutorial will help?

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Really helped me. Thanks so much.