Medieval Town Feedback

Currently making my first display game, and just be aware I am adding more vegetation, like different types of trees to the map in a bit. Please give me your feedback, thoughts and how to make it better.

Thanks in advance.


I like it! The trees look copy and pasted, and rotated. I suggest resizing the leaves or something.

I like it, but I recognize those plants as free models from the library.



The building style is very nice, however I’d suggest making it more medieval by not having a park with benches. Maybe a marketplace with a well would suit the place better.

I’d also add a setting so it isn’t just a flat plane floating in space.

The buildings are beautiful, but the other aspects need work.

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Thank you, I would try to replace them but I am not very good at vegetation I will see what I can do though, I understand what you mean by the park benches i will take them out and add a market place.

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I am going to add more trees tomorrow.

Hi. It looks okay but it definitely needs some change. It’s all the same type of building with almost no differences… You should add walls and such and change the material of the homes.

There is only 2 houses that are the same kind of and I don’t know about material and colour changing because it would make the build feel of.

By this I meant color and material but also the structure. It looks super similar to every other building and I can understand you’re going for the same type but it’s just very plain.

I’m pretty sure those leaves models were used back then when you could not upload meshes to Roblox, so people used that same mesh+texture on their maps.

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hey, it looks good so far besides you adding a copy of the same house.

try making it more spaced out? if you want a more realistic look to your game, make back-to-back houses and space homes out since almost all people didn’t have a place to live, let alone a luxurious home

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I like how it looks, seems a bit small as of now, one thing though the trees look like they are uneven as one in the middle and 2 on the left side but none on the right.

Looks pretty decent since it’s still in development.

By looking at the images the roofs are pretty repetitive I don’t think medieval houses have the same - similar type of materials on the roof try adding other types of roof textures this could be tiles and curved roof even add more props if ever needed:

Try placing a few props wells, tools, wagons, logs, road designs ect. Duplicating the same models can get kind of boring try to make different variety of trees so it could look improved 3 - 2 however it’s just a small improvement that could be done it’s all up to you.

It’s a good build it just needs more props to resemblance a (medieval town) or something similar:

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Wow. That is spectacular! it looks like something that Roblox would make! Keep up the great work! :+1:

I think there should be something more to the town, like I think there should be more details to the town like chest and things like that.

Looks very nice and simple only thing I see out of place is the bushes and stuff don’t quite match the art style that’s about it.

Wow. Just wow. This is really good!

I think it looks amazing! Just remember that a very important aspect of showcase games is the lighting. Make sure you adjust the lighting to make it seem a lot more professional, and set the mood. Other than that, you’re doing great. :slight_smile:

This is really cool! I love the textures you mixed in with the whole thing. Very cute and neat. Try using bushes. Looks awesome:)

Thank you everyone for your feedback! I will be posting an update here.

@KronxGoat Yeah, I just didn’t get around to doing that because it was pretty late at night. I was gonna complete that side in the morning and add more props.

@jordonh23 Ill try making the roofs differ and add some more props. I was also planning on making at least 3 different types of trees in blender today. I will also be searching up Medieval Towns just to get a feel of what I am doing wrong and what I can improve upon.

@Non_Fish That’s a good idea! Ill try make one today.

@Bowdolf Yeah, I didn’t really think they vegetation suited it either really, I’m just learning studio and blender so hopefully I will be able to add some vegetation that is better then that.

@toothypicky I will try to adjust the lighting, but I’m not very good at doing it. I will give it a go though.

@anross I get what you mean, the two houses have a couple differences but nothing that huge. Ill get on that today.

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I really love this! I do have one suggestion though. Try mixing it up with the style of the trees, try different models, or give it a bit of variety. Maybe mess around with the colors. Other than that, I think this looks pretty good.