How does the game logo look?

I made this with and I am not good. How does it look? What should I improve on?
All feedback appreciated!


Looks nice, but you should try adding a background.
Here is a resource which may help you ^-^


Oh the background is transparent and what should I do for the game thumnail?


Thumbnail can be something like this (I made this one)


Looks good. Maybe try improving on the font and adding some caps.Also add a background with some chracters, and make it look good so players can catch on the game.

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Looks kinda plain try spicing it up with some background.

ok thx tho i dont know how to use blender.

this is just the logo not the thumbnail but thx!

how did you do it that is amazing!

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I recommend using coollogo com for text logos if you don’t know how to use blender and can’t access photoshop. It’s a website that makes word art.

Well, it’s in studio - No blender used
Plugins which I used:
Old moon animator suite (Weld edit)

And otherwise I used only common roblox building tools.

Here is an example:

I made that in just a few seconds. It’s really nice for text. (You can use that if you want :wink:)

thx but im looking for making a thumbnail which shows a roblox noob screaming whilst running away from an alien in the shadows

what’s the game like? is the theme sci-fi or something else? that should make it easier for us to give feedback.

It is a sci fi/ futuristic sort of minigames game which the scripts I make myself!

The logo looks cool but you should give it a background.

You don’t need blender for a background.

It is just the actual logo the thumbnail I am trying to learn how to use blender to make a cartoony type thumbnail.

To be honest with you, I don’t recommend you to use blender, it just doesn’t feel like it should be a part of roblox developing… It’s quite hard and takes a lot of time to learn. Roblox Studio has certainly everything we need

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I don’t understand blender that is true but blender can be used to make excellent thumbnails - if there are any other softwares that u recommend (Except Photoshop or please it would be very helpful ")