How expensive is it to use native collision control?

I’ve been fighting for a long time to try not to use Roblox’s physics since my game will have thousands of pieces moving and I need to detect collisions.

This is because: they are simple parts, rectangular blocks (similar to the default “part” created in Studio). These parts will only move in two dimensions (X and Z).

In this way, collision detection is as simple as possible, like this simple algorithm.
However, is becoming a logic nightmare due to the displacement sequence of these pieces.

I ask: how expensive is it to use Roblox native collision control? How the Roblox engine will behave to control, for example,10,000 rectangular parts simultaneously?

Should I insist on my manual collision logic to save processing resources?

Or can I abandon this manual collision control and let Roblox take care of controlling these collisions, without prejudice to the overall performance of the game?

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