How I fix this "connectfail" and "could not fetch" error?

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I want fix my game.

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I am getting “connectfail” and “could not fetch” errors.

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Completely reinstalled Roblox.

Alright, I am getting several errors like:

  • 11:42:31.556 Error when loading place settings, please reload the Game Explorer,
  • �����߽��ϴ�. ��Ʈ��ũ ������ Ȯ���ϰ� �ٽ� �õ��ϼ���. ������ ���ӵǸ� ���� �������� �����ϼ���. ,
  • SolidModelContentProvider failed to process because ‘could not fetch’
  • Queue Error: DataStoreWriteData_Update: 502: API Services rejected request with error. HTTP unknown error (HttpError: ConnectFail)

    (Became noob due error)

Because those errors, I need some attempts to develop my game as normal, losing my data from connectfail errors,
Cannot even join team create,

A Connectfail error that blocks me from opening studio.

Help me please, did I do anything wrong?


Can you re-upload the pictures in english?

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maybe this will help

Perhaps try making the model copyable, or upload it under a new file. Also make sure that if its a script that it’s a ModuleScript.

After some re-open attempts, that problem solved. It was network problem from either roblox or home one.

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I have faced this error, it is an network issue it keeps popping up and it was annoying. An easy fix for me was to flush my ipconfig dns through cmd and then restart my studio, you can try this next time. Try searching it on youtube, Flushing DNS will clear DNS records from your cache, it helps to resolve internet connectivity issues. I hope this is helpful.

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I researched about this and most of the players in South Korea (which is my residence) was facing this issue.

I faced these issues below:
Client did not start properly after multiple tries of clicking the Play button

Certain images, meshes, character clothings, or just any assets does not properly load and end up in errors called HttpError:ConnectFail or could not fetch.

“We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.” error shows up when attempting to join experiences

Teleport failures.

Studio not loading.


I’m living in South Korea, this issue has popped up for me recently and is greatly disturbing my workflow.
Thank God I’m not the only one experiencing this.

My ISP is KT , is anyone experiencing the same problem on another ISP like LG Uplus or SKT?


I am having the exact same problem. It’s been a month. Messaging roblox support won’t help. Bumping this because I don’t even think they are aware of this issue. I would like this issue to be fixed. Thank you

Edit : Just realised that I have Regular role, so I made a bug report about this. Please check it out : Connection errors such as “Connectfail” and “Could not fetch” error keep happening in studio / clients in East Asia regions


i dont know whats wrong because the error is so bad the error prompts have only the word ConnectFail

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hello check the connection or compatibility of your pc it may be due to these problems

The issue seems to be fixed since last week, I don’t see any errors popping up in my Console now.


This solution helped me solve this problem, thanks!