How I made a 3D sound emulation

Hey everyone,

This post is kind of like a follow-up to this post here:, so read that before you read this, but instead i’m going to explain how I made it.

Also here is the emulation:

How I made it

If you’ve been reading my posts since the beginning, you might know i’m not the best at explaining things, so alot of things here will be screenshots.

First, I added a part into the game.

Then I created a script so the part moves around the player.

Next, I added a sound in the part so the sound will follow where the part goes.


I also added a Soft Shutdown script made by @TheNexusAvenger, and I quickly scripted a ‘Disable Shift Lock’ script, a ‘Disable Reset’ script, a donation button, and a ‘Disable Topbar’ script.

Once you’ve added those things, you basically have my emulation.


Will you be updating this?

Yes, I will be updating it regularly, trying to make the sound better and kind of finding new ways to make it more realistic.

Can you make this into a plugin?

I don’t think I will be, since it wouldn’t really make any sense. I may make it into a model with instructions, though. Also, if many people want this to be a plugin, I can make it into a plugin.

Can I buy this from you?

I don’t think many people would actually ask this, but no, you cannot, it is against the TOS.

Please feel free to ask more questions for me to put here!

Final words

I only really have two questions for you guys:

Firstly, shall I post the script here? I don’t really want to do that, because I actually want people to learn instead of just copy and pasting a script and not knowing what it does. But then, my explanations are horrible, so if you really want me to post the script here, I will.

Secondly, would you like me to make a plugin? If so, message me or post here. That’s all!

Thanks for reading! :smiley:


You should add a plugin AND a script, please!

And for the script, if you do that actually explain it and don’t just put it there for copy and paste, that way people do learn something.

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I won’t be making this a plugin any time soon, but i’ll think about making this a model.

Also, most people probably wouldn’t read the notes I put on the script so I don’t know, but I might make this into a model.

Maybe, though, if I put the script here, I can remove some parts and replace it with notes?

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By this, I meant a separate plugin, like a moderation plugin or a cutscene plugin or something like that.

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Added an FAQ for people to read!

Unless you give a model or a plugin this isn’t a resource it’s a tutorial

I’m pretty sure this category is for free resources for community, if you want to just say “I made it”, other categories will be more appropriate.

This category is for posting open source resources.

Make sure you read the pinned guidelines in each category to avoid accidentally breaking the rules.