How I would start developing with VR?

I want to start the development with VR, I feel that it’s an awesome platform to play if the game is compatible, the problem is that I don’t know where I could start, I feel that developing in VR is in a way hard, I tried to search some posts, but none of them helped me. I would like some links to the developer hub about VR. Thanks for reading!


While there isn’t any tutorials for Roblox VR, there is stuff on the Devforum and Roblox Developer Wiki for VR.
VRService - This is the Roblox sevice for VR. This contanins the stuff you need to find the location of controllers and other VR specific things.
Virtual Reality – Best Practices - This has the scale units for VR and some tips.
Some stuff on the Devforum:

This may cause errors and isn’t used in most VR games.
This is only correct if Camera.HeadLocked = false. Don’t use this if you are making a custom tracking script and Camera.HeadLocked = true.


hmm, I’ve been debating making a “roblox vr development tutorial” for a while. perhaps i could take a crack at it :sweat_smile:


If your making this, when are you doing it?

Let me know if you make a video, I’d love to tune in as I am interested in this.

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Bro I would actually pay for that. Also considering that you are a veteran in the Roblox VR dev community, and because of all the experience you have on the matter, your tutorial(s) would benefit a lot of us.

I’m not sure if you’re still inclined on doing so, but if you ever do, consider yourself respected (by me at least).