How is our first thumbnail?

@Dxxmzy and me made our first thumbnail ,for grand reopening of combat chaos, and we would like some feedback on it. :smiley:


Seems very low effort and trashy, go for something as good as this:

The free images from google and the lowquality renders distracts me away from the game. The static green background confuses me, and I don’t see how I would be interested. Nice try though


Why would you put play now on a thumbnail? Play now is usually placed on advertisements.


It’s not necessarily bad, but does look like something from 2014. I suggest you just put some sort of screenshot of your game with the “Combat Chaos” text over it.


Please explain “image from google”…your post is VERY confusing.

Why not just use the characters showing off the swords instead of putting (stolen) 3d models all over the place?


hi there, so first of all don’t feel bad angry, or sad about your thumbnail and our comments, we are here to help you get the best out of your game dev journey. Your thumbnail has a good foundation but of course, needs some improvements to make it stand out.

Ask yourself questions in your head, does my thumbnail stands out or is good enough to make players join/visit my game? Does it make sense with the topic? Can it concurrence between other game’s thumbnail?

Like @recanman said it does need some improvements and the best way to get improvements is by getting inspired by other thumbnails but, don’t copy the whole thumbnail or that might get you in trouble.

Also, I checked out your other thumbnail and again the same thing applies to it get inspiration from other games thumbnail that has the same topic than you that will help you a lot when working on thumbnails. I also suggest using blender for renders it will make it seem way more high quality if you don’t know how to use blender here is a tutorial I found:

here is another one if the first one was not enough:


Being honest, I did have higher expectations. I hope you get better in the future.

image Cool but I think the text font and color dont fit with the fullgreen background :confused: but i still respect your effort cool :slight_smile:

I would work on the background more; instead of it being a solid color, make it something related to the game.

He says the thumbnail looks like you didn’t put much effort in it. Also, that they look like copy and pasted google images.

It looks ok. You might wanna put some effort into it or hire a GFX maker. This kinda looks like its from 2014. The image background can use some work and overall, its not bad. It kind of looks like copy-pasted roblox sword images around the thumbnail. You might want to use Blender or some GFX making platform for this.

3/10, The image is low quality with the swords and text. You need a better background and better quality items and the noobs.

I’d add a background instead of a plain color.

It lacks a lot of detail and the images throw it off, The title does not fit the rest of the thumbnail and the lighting is very dull.

Looks alright, maybe you should remove the “play now” because this isn’t an ad, also space out the swords Because I feel that they are just cluttering only the middle. Also, make the arm of the guy with the face out. Not just stuck next to him! I like it though, good job. Keep it up!

Hey, do you have any idea where we can get that type of logo from? Because it fits perfectly with the game.

The style we are going for the game is “2014” type of style mainly because sword fighting games show an elderly part of roblox.

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i got this from one game

you should make it good look so people should be attracted

why here’s no background? It would’ve been cool if here’s any kind of background where two n00bz fighting each other. Like, on tower fighting each other till somebody falls down OR two noobs fighting each other on the field.

Have this as example, I hope this helps!