How is this game I made

im still working on the gamepasses but the rest is ok.

the gamepass tool forsome reason has a disabled script. only the magic carpet works.

Any feedback is ok!


oh wow…

you put like no effort into the game except monetizing. its literally just default roblox obby with part changes and a free model donation board.


I have just updated it and it is a free game model but I have updated it so that it has stages, gamepasses and more

Free model games are a great start to your game development journey. I recommend trying to make a game entirely by yourself. No free models, no stolen code, etc.

If you don’t know how to do something, google and YouTube is your friend.

No effort at all. It looks like you only used it for a monetary gain.

levels look very rushed.

You can clearly tell no effort AT ALL was put into this, would not even recommend new roblox players to play this.



easy 2 move over.

I have made games with no free models. but this was a little thing I made in like 20 mins

Im sorry everyone maybe just play my other game that I actually work on

Boring, no effort, starving for money. Atleast if you wanna gain some money put an effort on it.

ok ok! everyone please just be nice ok?!?!?! it is just a side project that I made in twenty mins so what if it has no effort!?!?!?

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stop being rude

(im not trying to be mean). honestly its just a button and a video. the button can be easily scripted, the gradient can be easily made.

look at this ^

its hard for me to see all hate for a little project.

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but the thing is that, you asked for criticism, and gave it, come on, accept it and move on

It’s ok to start with, but I wouldn’t recommend publishing it (considering it is a starter game in studio)

What I would recommend is watching YouTube tutorials on how to scriptI watch TheDevKing, but AlvinBlox and PeasFactory are good too. Try figuring out how to make a good game first before monetizing. Everyone wants to make money, however you need to first learn how and not jump straight for the robux.

when I published the game I didnt add the donation board

That’s not my point though, I’m saying to learn how to script before publishing. It’s ok to look at the starter studio codes for learning purposes, but you shouldn’t exactly copy them, then immediately monetize.

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it was a little project. I was bored out of my mind. so I just added this.

ill make something for everyone to play here. its not bad im gonna be working on it

It’s good, but I feel like it’s missing the customization that you would have if it was just you who made it. It’s a good start, don’t get me wrong, but if you want to stick out on Roblox it needs more personalization and flair.

Well, here I go…

Starting off with free models is fine, but I suggest you make it harder, put more effort, and gradually minimize free model usage. Don’t just take some free models, publish the game, and think you’re ready to monetize it. People don’t like games with little effort. Instead, you should get the free model, look at how they did it, and try to make one yourself instead of just grabbing it from the toolbox. I would really like to see you improve and put your skills to the limit in the future. :slight_smile:

Just Leave Him alone tho
We can clearly see that this game is made by a beginner who asked us to give him some feedbacks

we gave him the feed backs so its his choice whether he should take it or not

but lets stop criticism and let us encourage him to do better
just don’t come and bite me cuz i said this