How long does your post take for approval?

I have done a few post h though the post approval, now I am wondering: how long does it take for you? So far none of my post have been reviewed, just viewed. I am also guessing the grammar and size has to do with it to? Tell me?

For me or for other in the community, they usually take a day or two for Post Approval to review your posts, if you are doing something that requires a Post Approval procedure, then yea, it will take 1-3 days for it to process.

Patience is key, :eyes: so that is my answer on how long it takes.

To get a quicker approval just make good posts. It takes longer for them to help you make a
bad post into a good post. If the post is already good then they won’t need to change anything and you will be good to go

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We currently have another sizable backlog so processing time will take longer than average.


That explains some of my request, but thanks for the heads-up. I will be sure to be Paient