How long will Post Approval to approve posts due to backlog?

Greetings, my name is Paul, and I would like to ask a question, “How long will Post Approval take before they could approve your posts?”

Since Post Approval explained, in their topic over here
Heads-up: Post Approval has huge backlog = longer waiting times they have huge backlog, though specifically how long will a person will wait?

Will it take 1 day, 3 days, 1 week? How long will they take? I mean I do appreciate Post Approval’s hardwork, though I would just want to know specifically how long will a post be approved before they make the post public?

I think it’ll probably last until lockdown is lifted in most countries, when the epidemic dies down.

It is completely random because the Post Approval Team are not bots. They’re real people so they’ll approve it when they’ve free time. It can take about 3 or more days in my opinion.

These types of posts only rush post approval. Times can be anywhere; approval times are not in a fixed amount. It can take an hour, a day, a week even. Just give them time. Post approval is purely voluntary so the team is not being paid to do it

Ive raised a similar question with the post approval team before, the answer which I received I found was very reasonable.

your post will be approved faster, the higher quality it is. Since obviously it takes a lot more effort for a member of post approval to help a user turn a crap post into a post worth of being in a category then a high quality post.