Heads-up: Post Approval has huge backlog = longer waiting times

Hi all,

Since a lot of people are at home because of governments putting lockdowns on schools / entire countries, it means more people are playing and also developing on Roblox. As a result Post Approval is getting about 2-3x higher post volume than usual and the backlog is quickly racking up.

This means the waiting time for topics and replies to be moved over is going to be longer for some period of time, particularly for non-Platform-Feedback-related requests. We are looking into how to reduce workload for Post Approval in the future.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

You can read more about Post Approval in forum rules:
Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum > Global Rule 15


Until July 1

How to improve your response time:

  • Do not bump requests if you are waiting for someone to look at your post. This puts you at the back of the queue because posts are addressed from oldest to newest activity.

  • Do not message post approval members about your request. Do not assume post approval members work on post approval 24/7, or any time they are online on the forum. They are volunteers and they can decide themselves when they feel ready enough to tackle the requests.

  • Do not respond back to posts until you’ve made ALL requested edits. If you are asked to do A, B, C, then don’t just do C and then reply back. This means they need to spend extra time telling you to do the other things again.

  • Follow the given posting guidelines for bug reports / feature requests as closely as you can while posting. They are linked in the system response on your request.

  • Be respectful in your responses, you are not entitled to having your post moved.

People who waste time in one or more of the above ways several times in a row may see their requests declined for poor behavior.




Please don’t use Post Approval if you are a Regular. In the past we’ve mentioned you can use Post Approval as Regular still if you are unsure of a post, but we constantly have trouble keeping up with requests as-is (even with just Platform Feedback requests from Members), so we can’t offer that service anymore.