How Much Do You Spend Advertising Your Games?

I’m working on my first legit game, and I was just curious how much I should invest into advertising it.

Ideally, how much do you guys spend on ads and sponsors?

How much do you set aside, and do you spread it out over a prolonged period of time?

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It depends on how many people you want to see the ads. But one thing I can tell you, don’t waste all your robux on one ad, split them over a couple of days.

Here is a link to a thread, that got some good explanations:


None, I am in a lot of discord servers focused on developing for Roblox and they allow game advertising there. Though it doesn’t get as much players as adverts.

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I usually start off sponsoring anywhere between 10-25k to get an idea of how much revenue the game is bringing in and the type of player feedback I get; if it goes well, I ramp up the numbers.

That sounds a bit too much. Try starting with 300 robux, and increase as time goes by.

Hey there!

I’m also currently working on a game and I’m hoping to release it this month.

I’d suggest that you use sponsors instead of ads, due to this:

Roblox is basically made out of young players around the community, most of them around like 98% of them, would rather prefer going to the game page and clicking a game there than clicking ads (skyscrapers, etc…)

If you’re game is mainly a simulator type game, I’d suggest that you find an investor, if you do have a large amount of robux, let’s say 30k+ R$, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you want your game to gain more players, the higher amount of robux to have to bid to gain more members into your game.

I also suggest that you get some Content Creators for your game. Content Creators can change your game very quick by a snap once their video releases of your game. How do they change your game you ask, they change it by bringing their viewers to check out and to play your game.

Remember that if you have 50k robux, don’t spend all 50k in one day for 24h into sponsor or ads. Pick like a good amount of the 50k, (it’d still have to be a large amount) and spend it for like a couple of days. I don’t think 50k would be enough for a simulator type game due to it being big and there’s other complicated things. Around like 100k+ R$ is an amount for a simulator game to benefit and to gain it’s reward

You just have to be wise with the amount you have on you, think it through and spend it wisely.

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Advertising on all platforms is necessary too.


I don’t advertise, because for me patience is the key.

Just wait and then you will get place visits without advertising.

took half a year for me to constantly get 100 concurrent players. Slowly happens if you have a good game icon.

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My place visits blew up when quarantine, it was so stuck before quarantine.

Could you recommend me any discord servers I could advertise my stuff in?

GRP’s discord. Thats always a good one