How much is this stamina bar system worth? (commission)

Alright so i’m doing a commission right now, how much do you think this stamina system is worth (in robux) 500? or 1500? Or more?

I really need an answer urgently guys, please.

I’m no expert on commissions, but for both the scripting and UI, I would charge at least 1k robux

Oh so not 1500? Currently I have an issue where, the person commissioning me wants to pay me 1500 robux for this. But the investor is leaning on to paying me 500 robux which I think is too less. Plus the original post did say 1500 robux per task, so i thought it was fair that this was 1500 robux no?

If you both agreed on 1500, then don’t take anything less. 1500 is a reasonably fair price.

if i were your client, i would pay around 1,000

it’s a simple system however it works well and hopefully causes (little to) no issues

Looks nice!
I haven’t had a lot of experience with commisions, but I would say around 750. Really depends on how much time it took, because things like this could take an expert 10 minutes to code, well it could take a beginner hours.

It took me like 2 hours straight. Until he asked me to redo it some times and then it took me 3 I think lol.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 230547
Also the investor roasted me behind my back with the commissioner LMAO.

Looks Great! I don’t have many types of experiences within commission’s or script’s, but I would say around 700+ or 600+ around. But it’s really depend’s on it. Mostly the worth could be around here for the benefit’s. /for coding hours or anything is great.

Took me like 3-4 hours straight to be honest, was debugging alot. I’m pretty experienced so it didn’t take me longer than a day but this definitely deserved more than 500 i’d say. Especially since it’s on the level of stamina bar systems like the mimic. And it’s super clean, plus 10x more optimized than the previous scripter’s stamina bar system which didn’t work apparently. He needed like 4 local scripts which were like over 200 lines long and in total probably 1000 and unreadable. Whereas mine was little below 100 combined with 2 local scripts. Plus with tons of comments and optimized to as much as it could be, even used attributes as opposed to values. Something the previous one didn’t use. AND the previous scripter had like 10 while loops, not sure what was going on there…

Yeah, I totality agree with you, I would say around those area’s for your working hours you took into it and stamina bar systems you have took. Mostly go for 1000 range for good worth or lower if no one is going buy. The value amount is great and worth the amount of it, so it’s likely you make profit and great deal on the Stamina bar system. You done great work, if I’m going buy it, I would make a deal of 1200 for it or higher for this commission.

:triangular_flag_on_post: This is a MAJOR red flag.

ALWAYS try to get at least 15% of an upfront payment (a payment before you even start the commission), more times than not I’ve had people drop the commission after me making them exactly what they asked for, especially if they did not pay an upfront “fee”.

If it took you around 2-3 hours, I would say 1000 is a fair price.

Good point, was thinking its worth around 1000+ Range for this. Throughout the fair price for it which is great suggestion to do.

Thank you very much, very kind words from you artist.

I will talk to the investor if I can, the commissioner was willing for the 1500 robux but the investor was leaning to the 500 robux side. The commissioner* has 5+ years of experience in scripting apparently, what do you think? Is he being reasonable or no? (By the way I didn’t design the UI, if that changes anything).

I would try to get 1.5k, but if he seems like he wont budge, try meeting in the middle at 1k.

Also, it doesn’t really matter if you made the UI or not, since it is just a white bar with a UI gradient.

No worries, hope the investor likes it and invest to it. :hugs:

Violation lol :fire:
I was trying to lean on the 1.5k side too but the commissioner told me he won’t budge, so he opted for 800. Still seems kinda wrong though, the original post was either 1.5k robux per task or 5%. I chose 1.5k per task obviously, and apparently the budget for the game is 20k which is very less. Very weird. Here’s the game if you’re interested:

Yeah, very weird.
I don’t understand why people say they’ll give you 1.5k for something, and then when you make it, they try to lower the amount they are buying it for. I think they just had awful management.
Also, the game looks great! But I do kind of find it odd that they are doing commissions to make it? If I were them, I would definitely just have hired a part/long-time scripter.