How much is this worth?

One of my developers has finished an expansion for my game, Ilum 2.
I need some estimations on how much you think his work is worth as we are having difficulty valuing it.

He completed it quite quickly and it is to a high standard.

It is about 1024x1024 big, with some caves underground (not a large amount).

Here are some photos, please give a number to how much you think this is worth in terms of ROBUX payment (group funds).


Could you give us a game link possibly? So we can look around the map a lot better, to get an accurate price.


It would be a bit hard to find it in game, the game itself is very big. We also haven’t added the scripting side to this yet.

Sorry if this makes it harder, but I would still appreciate any estimations - no matter how broad.

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With the insane size of the map, and the tunnels I’d estimate the price to be around 18k-20k. Possibly more.



So the price I will be mentioning is considering the fact that it is huge but there is nothing but the map itself. I would probably give this around 2.5-7.5k :robux_gold:.

Best of luck in future developing.


So, only for the map, considering it’s pretty big, it could be worth from 3K :robux: to 6.5K :robux:


From what you have provided, the map, although empty, is very detailed terrain wise With all the arks, and sculpting. If what you say is true about the tunnels, that could boost the price even higher.

i would say its about 3k to 6.5 K, but if you added some housing or detailed models, i would say at least over 10k. It would help if you had pictures of the tunnels though.


Like others have said, it’s a massive map with relatively complex terrain shapes. Along with the caves that you stated, this significantly drives the price higher, and even with no real assets on the surface, I would give this a range of 8-12k :robux:. Though I may be a bit biased because I’m an avid player of your game, overall, it really is a very nice expansion map for Ilum 2.

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I’m not sure why individuals are pricing this terrain so low.

This is minimum 25-30k and in my experience you can get more from the right people.

Terrain is often half the work of a build, the other half being the architecture.

This terrain designer has obviously put an immense amount of effort into it and 1024x1024 studs is a giant area in terms of game-play. There’s also various texturing layers meaning they went over the terrain more than once. Multiple layers always creates a more immersive environment and obviously that’s what you’re trying to create with Ilum 2.

Personally, I would pay exactly 25,000 for this build and I’m sure many others would to.

As many other mentions, I would pay 15k at the most for terrain such as that. The complexity of the terrain is big with alot of shapes and caves.

This could be worth 10K - 15K R$.

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I would say at least 7.5K :robux: for this map.


Nice Map! I think anywhere from 15k-20k.

Thanks for the reply.
This all happened as I offered my developer 60k for his work.
He originally asked for 1.5million… serious.
Then 300k.

So uh, yeah.

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Ya thats not worth 1.5 million or 600k lol i don’t know who your dev thinks he is lol.

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I would value this between 20k-50k :slight_smile:

It’s not a highly advanced terrain build, though it does look like a ton of work & time was put into it’s creation. It would be worth more if the creator adventured a bit more with materials & colors though! Looks like a decent map.


It’s in the range of 20-30k. It’s a nicely detailed and obviously a lot of effort was put through in making it. I don’t think it would be higher than that though. The use of different materials would’ve increased the value more.

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I am new to the pricing business but I would pay around 10-15k :robux_gold:. Because of the the massive size of the map.

No offense but the map doesn’t look that good… Your group has had a few good looking maps… But this looks seriously rushed and lacks a lot of detail. From someone who has been a huge SW fan for years, this lacks the personality of Ilum.

The terrain work as a whole is impressive, but I think at this point you are just paying for the map size it self. Maybe 20k Robux?

I am curious when you say he made this quick, how quick?


I could take 10k-15k :robux_gold: for something like this.