How much robux would one have to put into a game to make it have a good amount of concurrent players?

I’m just curious how much robux it would take, keep in mind the game wouldnt be a simulator

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Please elaborate, your post is very vague and make sure you add more information next time.

This is what I think you’re saying and this is my answer.

In-Depth Answer
Assets and scripting wise if you can make your own you shouldn’t spend too much. As for gfx or ad design usually, 100 to 500 Robux will get you a decent design. As for advertisements you want to advertise your game on social media and Youtube and get hype for your game its free and easy.

The goal for making a concurrent player base is forming a community so your game needs to be interesting enough and have enough gameplay for one to form. You can even join and interact with players and that will help form a community.

As for advertising you usually want to split your funds up wisely. I’ve found 5k-10k a day gets pretty good results. But if you have a small budget 500 to 1k should just barely get you by.

Simple Answer
Getting concurrent players that spend time and play a game all depends if your game is one interesting two fun and three has a community. Having a good community of players on your game will heavily increase players coming back. As for advertising wise you will need to spend Robux 5k-10k a day is recommended by me but if you have a lower budget 500-1k should work but you can also look at the various advertisement recommendations here on dev forum.

Please let me know if you have further questions.



If you feel as though you can’t make a game yourself, you might need to hire other developers. So this’ll be one way your Robux could be spent while developing.

Another big way Robux is spent is on advertisements. Let’s say you run an advertisement and bid for only 5 Robux. Around 500-600 will see your advertisement, but usually only around 5-6 users will actually click them. The higher you bid, the better.

I don’t really think Robux is important for developing, in my opinion, because the main idea is the concept of the game. It should be a good game that players like and want to keep playing. The game needs to have effort put into it.

Hope you’ll take my advice. Happy Developing!


The only robux you would have to spend on making a game is advertisements and if you need to hire people for specific jobs. They both have ranges, and your post isn’t really specific so I can’t give a range for hiring developers. Advertisements I recommend starting out with 10k robux on ads, sponsoring, etc. each and running for a few days and then seeing which ia received better and spending more on that one.

For more info on ads, see The Economic Guide to Profitable Game Advertising and more if you search on the devforum.


There is simply no equation to solve your query. There are methods and ideas you can try to know what you need to invest but every game will always be different. You could invest 100k robux into your game yet get no players. You could make a game just like a popular game yet get no players. This may sound discouraging but I would highly recommend planning out your game, make sure that is solid first. The next thing would be planning out your marketing plan. How will you sell your game to consumers when it’s done? What will attract players and keep them playing? What will make them want to invite or play with their friends on your game? These are some questions you will need to figure out to make sure players keep playing your game. Good luck.

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If your game is good enough , investing R$5,000 per day for half a week is also good. I invested R$15,000 for 3 days and got peak players of 2 thousand and high concurrent players . The thing is , if your game is good , Youtubers will advertise your game for free :laughing: