How Much Should I Put IntoAdvertisement

I was wondering how much I should put into sponsoring/ releasing. I don’t have much, I only got 1.5k. Also what should I set the options to? Ages under 13, ages over 13 or both?


First off, what kind of game/item are you advertising? It solely depends on what it is and who it’ll appeal most to. + the quality of the ad.

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It depends on what the game is like and how much people you want on your game.

Same for the ages. You should start small because if you spend a lot of your currency your game advertisement should blow up and die in about 2-3 days.

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The game is the typical simulator

Then I would guess it would be better to advertise to < 13

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Oh, then I think it should be under 13 years of age. Also I think you should start out at 500 or 550. It’s your choice for the price though I suggest you not spend TOO much. :+1:

I forgot to mention its a simulator with anime aspects in it. I don’t know if many younger than 13 watch anime.

Well then people under 13 likes simulators and people over 13 like anime so it seems like you should but it at both is my best suggestion.

Even so people that don’t like simulators won’t play it even if it’s an anime simulator and they like anime. Little kids that like simulators would want to play it even if they don’t watch anime. I don’t know many people above 13 that like playing classic simulators and I don’t think it being an anime simulator would change anything.

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You should try to avoid conflicting age-group ideas. Anime is more 13+, whereas simulators are <13. You would be well-off doing a Christmas simulator (although there are many, this is just a suggestion) than an anime one.

From personal experience, I wouldn’t advertise at all with such a small amount of robux unless you just want people to test the game out.

Higher the risk, the better the reward.

Lower the risk, worse the reward.

Of course this is opinionated and some may say to still advertise which is totally up to you, just don’t expect much if you decide to do it!

Though it may be good to go for a specific age group, I think this totally depends on what kind of game you plan on making. I’d personally suggest making it for all age groups, but that’s just my opinion.

Hopefully this information helps and best of luck!

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Depends, I’d advice you to just experiment with small amounts, try to not put all of it down on your first launch, do small amounts to test to see if players actually enjoy your game. Do a soft start with ads and a decent amount of robux to put down as a first appearance.

I would consider spending small amount and see which sponsor or ad has a best (click-through rate). You should consider saying more before spending all of it at once do little test and see which one performs well; e.g. if you put down 800 and it gets a quality player count then overtime increase it you need to make sure players like your game and are returning back to play it again.

Here is a more depth on how much to spend on advertisements/sponsors:

It all depends on what you think, if you think your game is good enough and ready for the world to see, go ahead! We can’t tell you what to do, because it’s your game and robux, so make those decisions if you are ready!

Kids from ages 6 - 14 would probably play it. No matter what it is, any little kid would probably play a simulator as long as it looks a bit colorful or has characters. And someone like a really young teen would probably play it for the anime or just because they’re bored. For the ads, I think you should put 150 - 500 R$ in the first ad. Good luck dude. :+1: