How Much Should I Spend On Ads

Hi I am Supertestsubject,
After my team is completely paid I need to help decide how much I should be spending on ads, and when should I do my ads for maximum impressions. I am planning on spending around 12k robux on ads spread out through about a week. Spending a bit more in the beginning for a better release. The hope is by the end of the week I would have the money to be able to keep on doing ads if I wanted to. I know at the end of the day the game sells itself if it is good but it cant sell itself if nobody knows about it.
Thank you,
Example of my ad that I made (The game code is there to increase click rate)


There are already topics about this

send them and i also want thoughts on my ad. would u click it? is it eye catching?

Not really, there are no things that makes me want to play the game after all.

what should i add what would make u want to play

Also there are the topics:

So to make someone play you would need to put a really good art, it can be a GFX which attracts the most. And it should show clearly what the game is about (Can be in the image like someone driving a car or something).

Spend at least 5k on day one. 5k would be the bare minimum if you had a solid game and effective advertisements. I don’t think the ad you posted would do very well, but if you’re going to ask about the ad’s design you should go to the art design support forum as that’s where the most talented artists are.