How much should I spend on sponsorships and ads to be effective at advertising?

I’m trying to determine what is an appropriate amount of robux to spend on an effective advertising campaign?

In this advertising campaign, I’d be diverting funds to ads and sponsorships for desktop users, while solely using sponsorships for tablet, phone, and console users.

I’m not exactly sure how much I should spend on these, as in the past, I’ve thrown quite a bit of robux at these (one time over 50k R$!), with mixed results (sometimes I’d double my money, sometimes I’d lose a lot).

What is the bare minimum for a sponsorship/ad campaign on all platforms to be effective, what’s excessive, and what % of funds should I spend on each? Typically I’d focus most on console and desktop users.


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Theoretically the more you spend, the more ads will go out but if we’re honest here, it’s not just about the amount of money you can throw out. It’s about effective graphics that catch the eye, the perfect time to send off your ads (keep in mind timezones, average school times, your audience, etc.), and whether or not you want to do bursts of ads or one big send-off.

Personally, I’ve found the most effective form of advertising is using the burst method where you will splice your budget and use it to send off multiple ads of either the same type or multiple types at different times instead of spending it all on one, two, or even three big ads.

A suggestion if you really want to make a game successful: don’t rely entirely on Roblox for ads. They run off of an auction-based system. It’s important to keep in mind, while advertising on Roblox is a great option, it’s ad space can get a bit crowded. The solution? Use other platforms. Invest some of your advertising budget into YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. - wherever you feel will be most effective to reach your target audience.

Some clarification if you weren’t familiar: your target audience is the demographic you select that you think will be best suited for the product you’re selling.


I’ve done the splice method you’ve done before a few times, and again, it varied - it does depend on visuals such as game icons, thumbnails, etc.

I’ve looked into contacting YouTubers and Twitch streamers before to advertise my game(s) (I’ve had quite a few actually before do it for free, without me asking), but I never got any replies back.

Is there any specific times that work the best for running ads? Typically I wait until very late at night.


I usually target my audiences in the U.S. so running ads after school hours during PST, MST, etc. or on the weekends where you can run them mid-day-ish depending on the time zone you target.

After school hours is usually about 3:00 PM or 15:00.


Everyone has a different approach on how much to spend on advertisements, but here’s my approach. I wouldn’t go all in, all big, just no. Only way to know if an advertisement is effective is by spending small amounts at first, like experimenting. Then should you increase the spending if you see positive results. Advertise the most on what suits you best, whether it would be advertising or sponsoring. There’s a lot of topics on the Developer Forum that provides rich information on this topic, but that’s my take on advertising. Best of luck! :+1:


Try A/B testing:

Create two advertisements, run a fairly short campaign for a whole day. See which one generates more clicks. Don’t bid on a poor advertisement, see which one does better than the rest. If you have the ability to target specific countries test out their themes. Some countries prefer thumbnails with a specific art style. For example: Germany seem to prefer abstract artwork from my testing. However this does not remain the same(differing game genre, demographic). Once you get the best artwork for an ad, then you can spend how much budget you have on marketing. You can run campaigns in different days but you might not get pinpoint accurate data, but works as another option too. Ah and target the younger demographic too, I doubt that there are many teenaged players anymore.