How much, if at all, should I spend on Advertisements?

I apologise if this is the wrong category to put this in, but I’m new here and don’t really know where to put this question.

I’ve been thinking that I should consider making an ad or sponsorship for
This Game

As of right now, it gets a few visits here and there, which I understand because of how new and unknown it is.

But I was wondering - When should I consider advertising, and how much should I spend?

Again sorry if this is the wrong category!



This should help you


Thank you, I’ll be sure to take this into consideration!


I suggest advertising at time when most people are playing which is around 2-3 PM EST. If you put ad in this time period, your chance that people would see your ad is quite big.
If you bid something around 1K every day you should get fair amount of people.


Never underestimate the power of social media advertising. Promote your game on Twitter (using the #Roblox and #RobloxDev hashtags) and on the r/Roblox subreddit using pictures and videos that showcase what it’s about. You can even reach out to youtubers telling them to play your game. Submitting your game to LiveOps is another great way of getting players.


Another way that might just work, is tweeting or DM’ing your game to youtubers. That could critically attract people.


I’ll answer right here for you. You could do what the others are saying but for R$ I suggest 80k if you want a concurrent player base, of course if the game is good. My friend did like 20k, it got 10k visits around 50 concurrent players then just fell after 2 days. You can put how much you want, but I suggest around 80k for something to be stable. Of course, if your game has crazy potential and is actually good and fun, then you shouldn’t have a hard time.


In most cases there is a lot more to advertisements than just how much to spend, often the quality of thumbnails or banner ads all have huge effects on the click percentage you receive. I would recommend setting a baseline to understand your click ratio which you can then work off of, try using a high quality ad and spending maybe R$500 on it.

You’ll then be able to see how much you’ll need to spend to get the desired impressions.


Hi Cheedaman,

There’s a really useful thread TheAmazeman made regarding the efficiency of advertisements and how you can make the most of the money you put in.

:link:: The Economic Guide to Profitable Game Advertising

Hopefully that’ll help, or even better, answer the question. :+1:


I recommend sponsoring on phone. Usually, I do it on Fridays and bid 5k-7.5k, and the estimated impressions are about 3 million! However, advertising on PC will get you a couple of hundred thousand, and tablet users are half the phone amount. Also, if you expect making a profit off your game, make sure it has an in-game shop (which I didn’t do and made people use the gamepass store, only to realize when I implemented it in, the sales skyrocketed)


Hate to bump this thread, but I can’t help but notice your recent success with this game. Great job. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you end up doing with advertising? Did you make any major updates to the game before you advertised? Thanks


I actually went ahead with what @Rawblocky said for a while but with smaller amounts.
I suppose I got quite lucky really because I’m really not that sure how it all sort of happened at once, I only ever sponsored on Phone and then I ended up with a bunch of Console Players at the start out of nowhere and I have no idea how that happened.

I haven’t really advertised recently and the game has seemed to just grow by itself massively without me really promoting it in any way.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t really give you any sort of answer but this is pretty much how it went

I suppose I’ve seen some larger increases in popularity after a significant update and I took on board what a lot of other people have suggested that I should add.

I suppose I can say that you should keep in close contact with the people who play your games because it seemed to help with the boost in popularity in my case.

Again Sorry that I don’t have any major answer to the success!


Just checked out your game and I want to say congrats on the huge success!


Hey! I see that your game has really blown up! Congratulations!
I’m sort of developing a game that I don’t expect to get on the front page, it was made to just get like 30-50 players a day. May I ask, for how long did you sponsor, and how much each day?


In my opinion it depends on several things:

  • Quality of the advertisement
  • Quality of the game
  • Amount of advertisements

this may be a shock to hear, but I only spent 2000 Robux on Sponsorships, I really did get lucky!


2000 a day? Wow! I think you did get lucky, well good job! Correct me if I’m wrong, did you split up the 2000 across 3 days or 2000 each day?

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50k-100k will get you going with a recurring player base, 200k-300k is the range for front page, minimum.

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He was actually able to get to front page with 2k. It really depends on your game, thumbnail, and icon.


But ads last 24 hours… Time of day is irrelevant, right?