How much should this be priced for?


Hey :stuck_out_tongue:! I just created a brand new build and I’m looking to sell it. A building lies here on this beautiful island vista with a nice detailed view, vibrant lighting, and a place that can be used in multiple ways. Keep in mind, the first level of the building is currently empty, but whoever buys it will get it customly designed for their needs, since I feel like there is so much to work with in a build like this, and leaving that open can attract more buyers because it really does have multiple uses.

Anyways, I’m unsure of how much it should be worth. Please let me know bellow! I did spend a fair amount of time on this and I would say it looks pretty nice. I’ve never put something for sale and it didn’t sell so I know I’ve been pretty consistent with good sales in my past, so I’m posting it here to get a better idea of the value of this before I go straight into selling it!

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Top View

Front Side, Facing Back

Facing Front

Side View


Lounge View 2

Please let me know in the comments bellow, the right price for this!
I will be putting this for sale later so don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested.
Contact: @Flauxn
Discord: d.#0613

I look forward to getting some advice and replies down bellow!
Thanks :slight_smile:


I love this build of yours. It’s really detailed but yet kind of simple! I would easily price this around 10-20k robux. Around 30 - 70$ USD. Hope everything works out!


I’ve said this a few times in regards to pricing complete maps - dev teams don’t typically buy them. Like if a studio needs a specific map for a specific game, they have a map made for that specific game. It’s almost guaranteed that any pre-made maps that are on the market would require work in some way to fit the game’s mechanics, which at that point you might as well have a map creator make a new map so that they can fit all of the requirements for the game.

Think, if I have a PvP shooting game, I’d require a map that has good flow and design for PvP, something very different from a typical social game. When it comes to maps, one size doesn’t fit all and thus you’re hoping to sell to a really niche market that’s usually better off getting a map made specifically for their game anyways.

This is always why most devs looking to sell their creations do so as asset packs - a kit for the studio’s map builder to use while making the game-specific map.

Don’t get me wrong, the map is beautiful, but I just don’t want you to get your hopes up or invest a lot of time into something you’re likely not going to sell. Instead, I’d highly recommend putting this in a portfolio that you can get commissions from. :slight_smile:

Just to correct this conversion:

10k R$ is 35, 20k R is $70. You should always base your conversion on the Dev Ex rate, not the buying rate.


Thanks! I definitely agree, it’s harder to sell premade stuff over commissions but I’ve had only success with it so far, because believe it or not many people are looking for stuff like this. It’s more along the idea of homestores, cafes, hangouts, etc. You’re definitely right though, thanks for the feedback! :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you’re saying, it can be annoying to spend time on stuff thinking you can just sell it but that’s now how it always works! Definitely makes sense, I see that happen all the time. I just enjoy making stuff like this so who knows, if you had to put a price on it thought what do you think it’s worth?

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I love your program is dreamy and fanciful. But if you buy it, it is a bit difficult to create a game. It’s okay because this is a good project, so the price of 5000-10500 is the most reasonable.This is my personal opinion hoping not to get angry or swear at me…


If I were you, I would sell it about 2,500 R$.

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I don’t really think he should sell it for that less


That’s definitely too little. Hahah

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Indeed. If I built that, I would price it at 10k.

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Easily 15-20k Robux,looks great,the lighting is good and the detail is amazing.

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