How much to Spend on Advertising

Hey devs!
I have finished developing a complete game and ready to release it soon so I want some advices on how much should I spend for the first ad, second ad,third ad…
And what are the intervals between each ad and which ad type do u prefer, banner or skyscrapers
And should I make the ad picture related to my game or related to a meme to attract more players?

I’m completely new to advertising so it would be great if you could discuss with me

Thanks for understanding!

I would say you should spend about 10 to 15k robux per ad


Can u be more accurate ? And which ad type will most likely attract players. Banners or skyscrapers

I feel like a skyscraper would attract a person/players attention easily. A large building like a skyscraper is pretty hard not to look at.

U probably dont get the idea :joy::joy:
A skyscraper ad is the ad that is presented horizontally on top of the page while banners r presented vertically on the sides of the page

There are already multiple topics like these… Please search around before making a similar topic.

I would recommend using the “Sponsor Game” feature for your game, as it on average gives you 35%+ more results than normal advertisements, but also gives you much more customization options for targeting (for example you can target 13+ users only, or only female users, as well as what device they play on)

It also allows you to determine how long your sponsorships run for, so imo they are better.

Hope this helps