How should I add an animation into my model?

Eyo fellow devs! I want to animate my model Not A Character. It’s For my upcoming game: Colony.

First of all,

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to achieve an animation that can be called out by a script into the model.

  2. What is the issue? I couldn’t find any good way to do it, even a way on calling it out on a script.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve tried finding sources in youtube, here in the DevForum, and on the RoDev’s Server. I made my animations on Moon Animator and blender.

More info: I’m trying to achieve This from Widgeon’s “Aegis: Beta.” As you can see the landing legs will be deployed when it’s about to land. I’m also finding a way on how he made the ship move. (Perhaps animation? Idk) Any help would be very appreciated."

Edit: Also The model is a mesh.

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I would probably rig the model and animate it or use some basic cframe tweening

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Hi, if you want to animate a non-character model you have to rig it. After you are done rigging and animating the model, you can insert an AnimationController/Humanoid into the model and then call LoadAnimation as you would on any other rig.

Alternatively, you can also tween the arms which is probably easier than rigging and animating the model (depends on your usecase)

For the aircraft you can use some bodymovers to move it.

@Mr_Ther, What if the model is a mesh?
Edit: I’ve seperated my mesh in blender.

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After you’ve seperated them, import them as 2 seperate meshes into roblox studio and then you can either rig and animate it in studio or you can tween the arms.

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Alright, Thanks!