How should I go about making an in-depth dialogue system for NPC's?

I’m working on an RPG, and one of the major components is dialogue between the player and npc that can lead to different dialogue paths and quests.

The first ever dialogue system I made (awhile ago) was pretty simple. There was a table with messages in like

local Msgs = {"Hi, this is msg1", "Hi, this is msg2"}

and it would loop through and display it to the player.

But now, I need it more depth and I’m pretty clueless how I’d go back it. Here’s an example of what I mean.

Player initiates conversation
NPC asks the player “Do you care about the environment?”
If player responds with Yes then they get asked if they want to accept a quest and are prompted with a yes/no
If player responds with no then the npc talks about why the environment is important then ends the conversation

I currently have no idea how I’d go about this and making it, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I’d recommend using Roblox’s Dialogue Editor: Official Roblox Dialogue System and Dialogue Editor Beta

Do you know if it’s possible to edit the Dialogue system gui so that it fits the theme/style of the game?

Yes it is

:eyes: Thank you! Gonna go have a look at it!

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