How should new devs start?

As a new dev myself, I want to ask everyone how you started, which path you choose (you can tell if you feel comfortable). I am just starting, I don’t really know much but I am sure most of you do. I also think you guys have an advice for newcomers. If you can would you feel free to say it on the replies?


I just did what I though as cool in the moment. Now I am stuck with being able to make 100s of different things and my imagination as well as my will to make them my limit.


I am a newcomer and do you have any ideas? I feel like I can make my dream at one side and the other side is saying that I don’t know what I am making, I am trying but failing, I just think I am not on the right path


Start reading tutorials on stuff you find cool (#resources:community-tutorials is a cool resource) and play around with the program. Google is also your friend if you want to learn to 3D model.


Well, what types of development are you interested in? Building? Scripting? Modelling? I started with building, and I just tinkered around in studio until I got the hang of it. I also watched speed builds on YouTube. There was one YouTuber that helped me start off with development, who was ‘Model Creator’. I also took inspiration from showcases and other builds on Roblox. The best thing to figure first is your path. If you like programming, then that’s the way to go. Creativity, then probably building or modelling. Good luck!


Hello, well I started with scripts and my learning method was YouTube videos and examining different scripts, doing small projects and experimenting. You can see me getting into building but I have a team and I am not in charge of that category. :slight_smile:

They should start at first building, and then if they learned a lot of building, they should learn how to script (or just go to the Roblox Developer Hub)

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I learnt all of my knowledge from the Developer Hub , i hope this helped :slight_smile:

If you want to become a scripter (what I assume looking to your role) you should start with making sure that you understand the most things of lua, after that you can do commission or make your own game

Haha you described me . I’ve been building for ages and I make some pretty good builds recently I got into scripting and it’s really vast , I wish I have started with scripting instead of building…but wishes are wishes I guess . I’m learning now lol .

Starting out, don’t think too big. Best thing to do is miss around. Miss around with scripts, part properties, and you never know, maybe you get interested into something else.

I started out just making games that i think my friends would enjoy.

Here’s an advice for newcomers
Experiment with your scripts
Helps me alot when i was starting out

First, try making an obby without a code and playing with it.
When you can do it, try writing about 3 lines of code.
As you become able to do this, you will continue to move forward.

You can choose what you want to learn. If you’re a solo dev you have to learn how to do everything you need for your game, unless you hire freelancers.
If you are starting a team you can split up roles. For example, Bob is Builder, Joe is scripter, and Avery is UI designer.
If you want to make a game, you start by learning what you need to know from:

  • DevHub
  • DevForum
  • Youtube

These are just some sources, and there are many more. Once you have learned and practiced for a while, you can start making your game. For more help on making a game see

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I started developing on Roblox in 2017.
When I started out I didn’t know a single piece of lua, heck I didn’t learn lua until 2019. I think new developers should start out just learning the basic mechanics of roblox studio. Test which keybinds do what, mess around, and learn.
As for lua, I learned lua by reading the roblox developer wiki. I haven’t taken a single lua class and I’ve pretty much self-taught it to myself by coding games and scripts.
Just do what you find most fun and enjoy it. You can’t develop a skill you don’t want to develop.

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