Collecting Ideas - The steps of developing a game

Introduction | Developing, coming together and imagining - Collecting ideas for your game, and making them come true.

Hello Developers.

As Developers, our goal is it, to create games on this massive platform so called Roblox. We bring people together all across the world, imagine and create together.

As the amount of questions on the DevForums like such as

‘‘How do I start making a game?’’ or ‘‘Does anyone have any ideas for a game?’’ is being asked over and over again, I decided to help people finally out, finding and imagining, what they want to do, and how they want to do it.

In this tutorial, I will explain to you, step by step, how you can make your own game on Roblox, and maybe even be honored and known for it. [Even though, that’s not our main goal.] A developers main goal is to make people happy, put a smile on their face through games, that are fun to play.

Anyways, let’s get to the steps and parts of how to make a game on Roblox.

  • 1.0 | Getting started
  • 1.1 | (Making up your team)
  • 2 | Making up ideas
  • 3 | Planning and organizing your game, receiving feedback.
  • 4 | Advertising your game, getting players to play and receiving final feedback.

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1. | Getting started.

First of all, you need Roblox Studio on your computer, obviously. However, if you don’t know how to install Roblox Studio, go to Create - Roblox and follow the steps there!

You then create a place, or edit an existing one. Create - Roblox
You click either the green ‘‘Create new game’’ button, or you simply click ‘‘edit’’ to edit an existing place of yours.

Those are the steps, to start a game by yourself. If you wanna work with other fellow developers, I’ll tell you the best way how to.

1.2 | Making up your team

If you are a developer, who wants to work in a team, you’re the leader of, then I highly recommend joining the Developer Forums, so professionals are able to contact you, if they are interested in working and cooperating within you and your group.

2 | Making up ideas

Now, before you start building, you wanna collect ideas, discuss with your team what kind of game you want it to be, or think about the game yourself, if you’re working alone. Let’s focus on a solo project as of right now.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What type of game is it?
    Is it a roleplay, a RPG, a shooter, simulator, an adventure, maybe a Café or Hotel game perhaps?

  • What should it be about?
    What would you expect to be in the game? What’s the theme and setting?

  • How do you wanna start?
    Do you wanna start with the terrain? Maybe make some models? If It’s a showcase, do you wanna start with the outer detail or the buildings?

If you still cannot answer any of the questions listed above, try creating a topic under #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and make a post about asking things like…

  • How did other developers get a game idea?
  • What game(s) inspired other developers to make their own game?
  • How did they start building, the hardest parts first, or maybe the little details around the map?
  • If you’re working in a team; What do other experienced Developers recommend doing first.
  • Etc.

Those were the first steps of creating a game, here’s the last 2 steps to completion.

3 | Planning and organizing your game, receiving feedback.

Here comes the part where you have to be really organized.

After you got most of the parts done, set everything up;

  • Make posts on Developer Forums, that ask for feedback on your builds, in the #help-and-feedback section.
  • Make a discord server
  • Hire some testers if necessary; Recommended is either community members, or official QA Testers of Robloxia.
  • Fund the group
  • Continue working on the game until full release

Most importantly, start thinking about your community;

  • How will you advertise?
  • Where will you start?
  • Will you invest currency, to sponsor the game?

4 | Advertising your game.

That’s right, this topic is slowly coming to an end, so I’m gonna quickly go through a couple of methods of advertising your game.

You can:

  • As mentioned before, sponsor the game.
  • Advertise it on Social Media.
  • Hire Influencers to make videos on the game. or
  • Make Roblox Ads

While players will play your game, they will notice stuff they wanna see in the game, necessary suggestions and bugs. Either through an in-game feedback system, or through discord manually for example, those players then give you feedback. Use that feedback to your advantage to make your game better!

I hope this helped developers, especially the new ones. I’m gonna update the post, depending on the feedback I get over time

Any questions, that asked in the comment section will be answered either by me or a higher rank of the forums, depending on the question.

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Thanks for this tutorial! Very explained in context, amazing job!

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Nice tutorial. :+1:

Also some more stuff to keep in mind.

Before you start building you should image in your mind what would your game look like and at least get some idea what it would be like.

Also here are some plugins that (at least I) found helpful for developing:

(I prefer qCmdUtl because it works better with studio workflow but if you like F3X more then go 4 it)

Also here are some other helpful plugins which have more niechely functionality:

(Would suggest you don’t use gapfill and use ResizeAlign instead)

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Hello Developer,

Thanks for the reply!

Would you mind posting some of these into one of my recent posts as well? I’m sure it will help new- and already-existing developers on the platform.

Perhaps post some of the ones you recommend for beginner developers.

What plugins can you recommend to new members in the Developer Community? - Development Discussion - DevForum | Roblox