How to access new realistic terrains?

Recently I saw this game: Realistic Forest released by Roblox and in the description it says that all these technologies are available now. I thought the technologies they were referring to were to the new terrain materials: New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials So I updated studio and I checked the terrain editor and I can’t seem to find the new terrain materials. Is this not the technologies they were referring to or are they in beta?
Thanks In Advance.


The individual assets will also be publicly available through the Toolbox soon!

They were talking about the terrain and how they made the terrain not the assets.

Please be sure to read announcements thoroughly, the answer to your question is in the announcement. New materials will be an opt-in Studio Beta. The beta is not currently open, the update on the beta is a bit buried. You can check out what’s going on with the materials beta here:


Beta is open again! Just reply to the post like this:
Opt in
I want to join the beta program

MAKE SURE you have a bold “Opt in” on the first line of your message