How to achieve a multiple line effect while keeping it efficient

Ok so I am making a radio system however I want different fonts and colours etc.
Below you can see my badly drawn on thing with each box representing a textlabel im currently using
Obviously the name part is easy but how can I make the actual message part get split into 2 textlabels. image

Funny thing, I just fell on a topic earlier that made a plugin that uses what you need.

Regarding your issue, I’m not so sure how to achieve it. Maybe make a seperate label for each part you have put in red?
The way you would make the message split is by getting the label’s size on the X axis and adding that much to the 2nd label’s X axis position. Since, when changing a label’s position it’s the top and left borders that are effected.

thanks but i’ve solved it myself now

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How did you solve it. Perhaps others have same problem and would like to know.

I split the text between the two text labels depending on how many characters each one had.

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