How to achieve this?

If you have ever played booga booga, you know how the character holds the tools. Instead of holding the tool on a 90-degree angle, they hold it straight down:
How did they achieve this?
Btw I don’t know if this is the right category, I posted it here because I think there is scripting involved with it.


Tools in roblox have attachment settings you can change to achieve this. Simply select the tool object and change its attachment position and rotation elements. There are also plugins you can download to edit this easier, I recommend using Tool Grip editor by CloneTrooper19.

Can you provide a link thank you!

Youll need to download it in studio plugins, so a link wont be helpful

I can’t find it, can you give me the steps?


Modifying the tool’s grip or attachment positions will only change where it is being held. It does not accurately solve OP’s problem: the tool will still be held upright.
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In order to replicate what Booga Booga does with its tool system, it’s a really simple process actually. The only thing that they do is prevent the tool idle animation from running. You can do this in several different ways actually.

The idea is that the only thing the tool does is weld itself to the player’s RightHand. I made a mini tutorial about using accessories to attach tools to hands. You can also manually weld a tool to a player’s hand to accomplish this.

If you want to use the Tool object and not go through the hassle of creating a custom tool system or anything, again, you just need to stop the toolnone animation from playing. The best way to do so is to fork the Animate script from the character and override the toolnone animation id or get rid of code snippets responsible for running it (just comment out line 709 and you’re done).

Remember, to fork: Play solo -> Open character in Workspace -> Copy Animate LocalScript -> Stop play solo -> Insert script to StarterCharacterScripts -> Go to line 709 and comment it out


you should learn how to make animations and remove the default one, i think this videos can help you
Remove aniamtion to look like Booga Booga: How to remove Tool Holding Animation - Roblox Scripting Tutorial - YouTube
create your own animation: How to make an idle and attack animations for your tools in roblox studio - YouTube