How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)

on your M6D variable, it should be char[“Right Arm”] because the body parts on an R6 model have spaces in their name.

Also the load variable on the animation script should be char:WaitForChild(“Humanoid”).Animator:LoadAnimation(anim) – I think maybe

robloxapp-20240110-1254566.wmv (716.3 KB)

why is this happening? Roblox inbuild recorder is trash lol

would this still work if i put the motor in the hand?

Is there any videos or guides that lets me animate the rigged tool in Blender? I am struggling.

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Im getting a message that says the following parts are affected by multiple Motor6D’s:

Anybody know what I did wrong here?

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if you scroll pretty far up a guy had your same issue and someone told him how to fix it

dude this tutorial was no help! You didn’t tell where to put the scripts at all you said was local, gave the scripts didn’t give a place file or anything I’ve been trying to fix my motor6D not being in the same position for 2 days now I’m getting frustrated, thanks for being no help.

It is clear u dont even know the basics of roblox :skull: … also this post is 5 yrs old

That is what a resource like this is supposed to help him with right? Nothing wrong with asking it.

Hopefully this helps you figure it out. This summarizes where to put the script.

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Roblox code changes over time.

local scripts stay in workspace I’m pretty sure

Not necessarily and don’t recommend it at least in terms of the general use of LocalScripts. Depending on your game you may present yourself in some situations where you may need to use a LocalScript in the workspace but as I stated earlier in terms of the general use of LocalScripts I recommend keeping a good sense of practice with putting LocalScripts in

  • StarterPlayerScripts, StarterCharacterScripts, ReplicatedFirst, StarterGui, ReplicatedStorage, and ServerStorage (since both Replicated and ServerStorage are places to store assets, etc they would be used slightly differently depending on your situation).

However, the one place you should not be putting LocalScripts would be ServerScriptService. Because as the service clearly states it is used to hold Scripts that run on the server’s side rather than the client.

In the short term, LocalScripts should mainly be put in places that copy itself locally to the client. I could’ve explained this easier but that’s the just of it.

I tried to get my tool to stay on my character’s body, but the tool did not stay. Where could I had possibly made a mistake?