How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)

Why is this just the animation AGAIN instead of “connecting the Motor6D locally” section?

Mess around with the C0 rotation in the ToolGrip, and copy it, then apply it to the actual Motor6D in a script

(Adding rotation is very DIFFERENT for attachments like this, you cant just do C0.Rotation, you have to do something I forgot but search it up and it’ll be simple)

I forgot I posted on here but I just figured out a solution, apparently I must’ve rotated the sword on the animating dummy on accident before I started animating which screwed up how the animation looked in game. Thanks for the help though, appreciate it!

This is what happened to me, and changing the grips rotation was my solution. I have a question though, are you not supposed to rotate the object…? What are you supposed to do after attaching the Motor6D to the animation dummy?

You use CFrames and instead of CFrames.Angles(), you use CFRams.FromEulerYXZAngles()
or some order like that

I have this issue where the animation loads in the animator preview, but following all the steps and running the animation in the script, the parts of the weapon does not actually change but only the character moves, any solutions?

Remove RequiresHandle and if that’s already off, maybe there is a weld ex:) RightGrip that is keeping your object from moving

Thanks for this, I’ll definitely try this out

my tool disappears after a few seconds when i hold it
i dont know why

might be falling through the part of the world that deletes loose parts when it falls that far, perhaps you are having a welding issue?