How to animate with Moon Animator

This topic for those who can’t animate.

I wanna share this topic with the people who don’t know how to animate, so to get started you need to download this plugin

Creator of this plugin is @xsixx thank you so much!

Also for a tutorial you might wanna watch @Sheasu for making the best tutorial on how to animate

Getting Started

So to get started download the plugin Moon Animator then how to load it up, create a dummy and do this
robloxapp-20200517-2145321.wmv (778.9 KB)


On how to animate you wanna move the rotation of the rig animate it anything you want
robloxapp-20200517-2145596.wmv (1.3 MB)

Action Animation

So how to make it for action - playing the animation you wanna move the key to the next number anywhere you want
robloxapp-20200517-2146375.wmv (1.2 MB)

Editing Keyframes

To edit the movement & speed of the animation all you have to do is go to Tracks > Edit Keyframes and edit it by your choice

I hope you enjoyed this devforum post tutorial thank you for reading :sunny:


I’ve moved this to the tutorials category where it belongs. Please don’t just pick a category at random :man_facepalming:


Thank you & sorry for wrong topic.


i want to know after you make an animation how to extract it in the game