How to attach Tools to skinned MeshPart humanoids?

Is there a way to attach Tools to a skinned MeshPart Humanoid? I understand that Accessories work as long as you use skinned MeshParts referencing the same bones of the Humanoid (I was able to make the green helmet and blue bodysuit as skinned accessories, see attached images), but how do Tools work now? Attachments seem to only follow the skinned MeshPart’s initial positioning (which is understandable), so how do I make the RightGripAttachment used by Tools to follow the RightHand bone instead?

Using motor6D and welding the Tool in place looks like a solution at first – but we can’t seem to weld the tool to the RightHand bone. Motor6D welding it to the HumanoidRootPart (which contains the bones) only follows its initial positioning, not the animation.

We could convert our Tools into Accessories (since that’s proven to work with the bones) then skin them, but that will require a good amount of refactoring at this point, so we’d prefer an easier solution if one exists.



Hi I have the same problem as you, but also I can not place accessories that follow the movement of the mesh how do you do? Thank you


A video how to fix it

Roblox | Making Accessories and Tools for your Mesh Character - YouTube